Born in 1973, Amélie Sane discover the drawing very early and try her hardest to draw mainly faces and feminine bodies.Then she will find in the art of painting a way to express herself and develop her imagination and creativity.

Since 1991 and for more than 15 years, after a training in esthetic and makeup, she realizes, through the art of body painting, metamorphoses for those who gladly offer their participation, setting up characters she imagine and immortalize with photographs and graphic design. 

During this period, she also gets into the universe of events for receptions, shows, parties, and organise, since 2003, children's and teenagers's working groups in schools, high schools and socio-cultural places. 

At the same time, after evolving in fashion and beauty and improving the different technics of fashion hair dress and historic hairstyles on wigs, she performs, since 2007, in live performing for theatrical shows, opera, event sites...where she achieves the dream of being part of prestigious and spectacular places in scenic’s world. 

Since then, she becomes a makeup artist leader in several visual creations, during shows with theatre, circus and martial art companies. And also training these companies at the makeup technics. In the meantime, her pictorial technics incessantly evolved and she began expressing the different worlds living inside of her by developing her paint and illustration work.

  “The Garden of Methamorphosis” presents the little seeds of happiness and fantasy planted throughout along this travel. A garden which come to life, a garden that is materialized and animated to offer us an Ode to Creativity, Feminity, and to the thousands of aspects being revealed and to make it live in each one of us...ephemere or eternal: Romantic women, goddess, enchanting or mythical creatures, guardians of the canopy of heaven or from unreal worlds, feed her imagination, and deliver us at the same time a message of love for the nature she is living in and inspiring her at each moment.